Alexander M. West (oneirophage) wrote in seattle_rico,
Alexander M. West

Spring Cleaning

Cross-posted to oneirophage and seattlesettlers.

Laura and I finally attacked the refugees from the basement residing in our living and dining rooms. The house is almost back to being fully habitable: Yeah! Part of the cleaning has been going through our things and deciding which need keeping and which should move on to better homes. I've gone through my board game collection and culled out a number of them. Free to anyone who wants them, first come first served for the most part:

6 Billion - eveanhei
Age of Mythology - blueatheart
Cosmic Encounter (2000 Hasbro edition) - blueatheart
Junta (1978 West End edition) - corvuscrx
Maginor - ironmaus
National Liberation Front - eveanhei
Risk 2210 A.D. - ironmaus
Starfarers of Catan - personality
Talisman - corvuscrx
Tigris & Euphrates - simplysithel

Just an hour or two of going through old mail and office supplies, and I should be done with all this.
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