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Alexander M. West

A Few Words on Board Game Design Month

I was talking to a few people involved in Board Game Design Month (BoGa DeMo!) and the general consensus was that they hadn't quite gotten what they had wanted done finished within the month. To that end, perhaps two months or even three were more needed for their project.

I'm glad that people have gotten started on projects, and I think it makes a lot of sense to take the time needed to finish them. To that end, I'm perfectly happy to test and comment on said projects for the next few months, interwoven with the regular game night schedule.

Thus, game night, and continued BoGa Demo action:

November 29, 2007
December 20, 2007
December 27, 2007

See, I've cleverly avoided holidays in December! Not like November with its tricky Thanksgiving Day!

We've also gotten a pretty awesome offer from one of our participants:

To anyone participating in this months board game design fun, I would like to extend an offer to you all. I own a small sign shop and we have 2 large format digital printers. So what I’m offering is that if you design a board game, I will print and mount your game on a 20”x 20” quad fold board (Free) just supply the artwork in a computer file if possible. I have 10 extra 20” x 20” quad fold boards in my stack of supplies. You’ll have to take care of any pieces and cards as my sign company does not print cards. If you need any advice on tokens or small pieces let me know. It just so happens that board game designing is one of my hobbies. I will have 2 games ready for play testing. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

See you Thursday,

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